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Power of Examples

Use Examples

In some prompts, we can relatively simply describe to the AI what can and cannot be done. However, there are other scenarios where it is difficult to pass requirements to the AI through text instructions, even if they are described.

For example, giving an English name to a pet can be difficult because there are many different styles of pet names. In this case, you can add some examples to the prompt.


Suggest three names for a horse that is a superhero.

The AI might generate the following names:

  • Thunder Hooves
  • Captain Canter
  • Mighty Gallop While these names are not bad, they are not very creative or exciting. They also do not fit the style of a superhero name.

Example with examples:

Suggest three names for an animal that is a superhero.

Animal: Cat
Names: Captain Sharpclaw, Agent Fluffball, The Incredible Feline

Animal: Dog
Names: Ruff the Protector, Wonder Canine, Sir Barks-a-Lot

Animal: Horse

With the addition of examples, the AI might generate the following names:

  • Gallop Guardian
  • Equine Avenger
  • The Mighty Stallion These names are more creative, exciting, and fit the style of a superhero name.