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How to: Create a Collection

Create your first Collection๏ผ

Welcome to FlowGPT Collections (opens in a new tab) โ€” your gateway to high-quality, community-curated prompts. Dive into various topics, share your favourites, and let your creativity thrive. Quality meets curiosity here. Enjoy your exploration!

Select Collections in the navigation bar on the left side of the webpage and click Create Collection. creating a collection0 Click on Add to collection. We can select the Prompts to upload in My Prompts, Saved Prompts, and Liked Prompts. creating a collection1 creating a collection2 After selecting Prompts, check the number of Prompts selected in Manage() or click the Clear to clear them. creating a collection3 Modify the Collection Cover Image: Click on the modify icon or directly click on the image. creating a collection4 Name of Collection: Enter the best name. Details: Use the simplest words to describe the content of the Collection. Tags: Select a tag. creating a collection5 After completing all the content, click Create. All done! creating a collection6