About Flux

What is Flux?

Flux is FlowGPT's virtual tokens that can be used to purchase extra functionality, chat with advanced ai models, and more.

Flux can be purchased for $0.01 USD each on Flux page, starting at a minimum of 150 Flux.

AI Model Price Table

ModelCost / 1k words
GPT 415 Flux
Claude3 Flux
Baidu WenXinComming soon
Claude 2Comming soon
Google Palm 2Comming soon

More models will be added in the future.

How to earn Flux?

Create something awesome & get tipped!

By creating awesome prompts! The most tipped creators will be those that create fun/useful and original prompts for the FlowGPT community. If people like what you've built, they will tip you!

Share your creations around to get noticed by the community!

Complete tasks

By completing daily and weekly tasks, you can earn Flux. These tasks are designed to help you learn more about FlowGPT and engage with the community.

Bounty Hunting and Hackathon

We host regular Bounty Hunting and Hackathon events where you can earn Flux by competeting with the best prompt creations. These events are first announced on our Discord server.

Am I able to cash out my Flux into real money?

Yes. Flux earned from Bounties are eligible for cash out. Flux earned from Tippings will be eligible for cash out when we make sure the system is reliable and stable enough.

There is a 20% cash out fee and additional fees based on your country of residence and chosen payment method.

How do I request a Flux cash out?

Please note, a FlowGPT staff member will never reach out to you in order to initiate a cash out. Only you can begin the process yourself following the instructions below.

Once you have earned at least 35,000 Flux ($350 USD) from Bounties & Tippings, you can contact [email protected] with the subject line "Flux Cash Out - userID", replacing "userID" with your FlowGPT userID (can be found in your profile page's URL). In the body of your email, write the number of Flux that you wish to cash out & your FlowGPT profile link.

If this is your first cash out, we will send you an online form to verify your identity on Persona. You will need a valid government ID and a device with a camera to complete this verification.

After that, we will need to verify your payment information through email.

Once we have verified your identity and payment information on your FlowGPT account, we will withdraw the requested amount of Flux from your wallet and execute the payment. If you no longer have a payable balance of Flux equivalent to the amount you requested, we will cancel the payment and ask you for a new desired amount to withdraw.